All the required procedures for manufacturing are available in one-stop, from mechanical design to developping software, and setting up in customer's factory.

Summary of company

Message from Management

Representative director Shotaro HAYASHI

By taking over the business from former Hayashi Iron Works (President Mr.Masato Hayashi) which started its business in 1971 as a Metal parts machining company, we have been expanding our manufacturing capacity over the field of assembling work, mechanical designing, electric related work, and developping software. We are having good business these days as a specialist for manufacturing automatizedmachine in diverse field as of electronic and electric industry, machine industry, medical and medicinal industry, apparel industry, and food industry.

Under the catch phrase of "HARD & SOFT", we made all the processes of manufacturing be performed internally so that integrated manufacturing system is available started from mechanical designing till to the installation at the customer's site. We are proud of providing our manufacturing services on rationalization of factory, power saving, or robotizing.

A further wave of automatization must surges on from the days now on to FA industry, robotaization, over the world. It is neccessary to recognize changes of era in advance so as to cope with these waves, then must be created the strong company against the changes. We will continue to keep every of our efforts as a " factory for the factory of the customer".

We hope you will be looking forward to the forwarding Tottori Mecha System.

Management philosophy

Company profile

Head office and factoryZIP 689-1112 1-31, WAKABADAI-MINAMI 7, TOTTORI, JAPAN
TEL:81-857-52-6009 FAX:81-857-52-6010
Production system research centerZIP 689-1112 15-1, WAKABADAI-MINAMI 7, TOTTORI, JAPAN
TEL:81-857-38-6226 FAX:81-857-38-6225
EstablishmentApril 1988
Capital Fund30 Million Japanese Yen
ChairmanMasato Hayashi
Representative DirectorShotaro Hayashi
Business outlineDesigning, manufacturing, maintenance of automated machine
Designing and machining of sophisticated machine parts   Suitable for Small quantity with big variety, high quality, low cost
Designing and development of program for personal computer
Producing Homepage

6・7・8th Factory

Production system research center


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Company History

We had challenged in finding out customer's needs and given elaborate solutions. These "Challenging" attitude was led to our current existence.


AUG 1971Masato Hayashi started business as Hayashi Iron Works Ltd.
APR 1988Masato Hayashi established Tottori Mecha System Ltd. In Naneicho, Tottori Capital fund 2,000,000 JAP Yen 6 Employees
APR 1989Capital fund increased to 4,000,000 JAP Yen
APR 1990Capital fund increased to 10,000,000 JAP Yen 25 Employees
AUG 1990Moved to WAKABADAI, the current place
MAR 2000(Company organization changed to Tottori Mecha System Co.,ltd. Built New Office & Factory (3 story building) to expand Software and Mechanical design.
MAR 2004Intrduction new machine tools to increase machining capacity, as well as Wire cutting, NC Turning lath, Face grinding machine, Large size of 2 Machining centers.
MAY 2005Kick off for to obtain certification of ISO9001
OCT 2005ISO organization system was self developped internallu, linking to the self-developped Production control system.
MAY 2006Renovation plan approved on company operation.
Aquired new land adjacent to Main area, and the 3rd Factory completed.
Aquired certification for ISO9001.
Increased capacity of machining and assembling, and improved system of confidentiality. 60 employees
SEP 2006Large type of Double column machining center and CAD/CAM system was intrduced, enabling machining on large size of work with 5 face milling function. 24 hours working shift was established.70 employees
MAR 2007Intrduction 3 dimensional measuring instrument and precise face grinding machine. (Pursueing high precision of machining workpiece)
MAY 2007Aquired certification for ISO14001:2004
MAR 2008Production system research center was opened. It was governmentally veryfied as the base facilitie of industrial reserch concentrated on the development and reserch. 80 employees (Main factory and Reserch center)
APR 2008Production system research center was established to improve project of Reserch & Development. (Wakabadai Minami 7chome15-1)
MAY 2008Aquired certification for OHSAS18001:1999
SEP 2008Expanded factory as 4th (350m2) for assembling work at the south area adjacent to main office. Large size of machining center was introduced to enforce machining capacity.
SEP 2012Expanded factory as 5th (466m2) for assembling work at the north area adjacent to main office. Also added factory for Welding work (200m2), and obtained car park (7553m2).
MAY 2013『天津東安機電』was jointly established in Tianjin, China.
OCT 2014Approved as 1st company of "Nitch Top", in Tottori prefecture. 5 faces milling Double column machining center was increased. 120 employees
FEB 20175 faces milling Double column machining center (3,500x8,000) was increased in 5th factory.
MAR 2017Factory was expanded as 6th,7th, and 8th factories were additionary built.
DEC 2017Selected as "Future towing company" by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
FEB 2018SHOTARO HAYASHI took up the post of Representative Director.