All the required procedures for manufacturing are available in one-stop, from mechanical design to developping software, and setting up in customer's factory.

Machining centers what support manufacturing of Automatized machine

Our proudful machining centers which support indivisual parts as of frame of machine.

Our proudful machining centers which support indivisual parts as of frame of machine. The number of machining centers what we have are totally 20 machines, including Big size Double column machining center with 5 face milling function, double column machining center, machining center with high speed spindle, allowing us highly precise machining from small to large scale of work.

OKUMA MCR-A5CⅡ 3500×8000

OKUMA MCR-A5CⅡ 5000×3500

OKUMA MCV-AⅡ Double column machining center 4000×2000

Double column machining center with 5 face machining

OKUMA MCR-A5CII 30×505,000mm×3,500mm×1,200mm1
OKUMA MCR-A5CII 30×808,000mm×3,500mm×1,200mm1

Double column machining center

OKUMA MCV-AII 20×404,000mm×2,000mm×1300mm1
OHTORI-KIKO OSV-811770mm×1,000mm×400mm1

Machining center (High Speed)

OKK VB53 20,000min-11,050mm×530mm×510mm1
OKK VM4Ⅲ 20,000min-1630mm×410mm×460mm1

Machining center

OKK VM9002,060mm×940mm×820mm1
OKK MCV8602,040mm×860mm×720mm1
OKK MCV8202,000mm×820mm×720mm1
OKK VM7III1,550mm×740mm×660mm1
OKK VM5III1,020mm×510mm×510mm1
OKUMA&HOWA MILLAC-611VL1,300mm×610mm×560mm1
OKUMA&HOWA MILLAC-5VA1,050mm×560mm×560mm1
OKUMA MILLAC-65V1,300mm×650mm×580mm1
OKUMA MB-66VB1,500mm×660mm×660mm2
OKUMA MB-56VB1,500mm×560mm×560mm1
MORI-SEIKI MV Junior560mm×410mm×400mm1
CAD/CAM system 2
Measuring device(3D)700mm×700mm×600mm1
LaserLength measuring device 1
Digital Micro Scope 1
Dynamic Analysis Micro Scope 1
Folk Lift5t(1)、3t(2)、2t(3)、Reach(2)8
Overhead Cranes2.8t(17)、1.5t(1)、1.0t(3)、0.5t(3)24

Universal machine tools, Precise grinding machines, Wire EDM machines