All the required procedures for manufacturing are available in one-stop, from mechanical design to developping software, and setting up in customer's factory.

Metal machining

Highly qualified machining only by our integrated system of processes

We as Tottori Mecha-system had established its own "Self integrated manufacturing system", through which all the processes are completed in our factory, beggining from planning and designing phase of Lavour-saving facility (Automatized machine) till to manufacturing, instaling, and maintenances.

So as to actualize these manufacturing way, we are equipped with machines and technologies allowing us a manufacturing even on one piece of workpiece, gaining a good reputation over our Metal machining devision.

Line-up of excellent universal type of machine tools with matured skill

We can satisfy any of requirement for short delivery time or even for just one piece of part which may take a long working hours and being resulted in high cost if used improper machine tools.

By means of the way of responsible manual operation one by one, we can accomplish delivery for requirements like what "other suppliers refused" or "anyway urgent".

Our excellent line-up of universal machine tools is one of our strong points.

  • We feel reassured that Tottori Mecha System flexibly makes action with excellently arranged universal type of machine tools.

    Manufacturer of electric devices (in Kanto region)

  • I have an impression to them that, they are a company with a flexibility so that they listen to our request even it is too abrupt and can make action very quickly.

    Manufacturere of Medical devices (in Knato region)

  • We had a favorable impression through company tour that we could see they pay attention to use aged but attractive universal machine tools. It was also impressive that working peronels looked happy.

    Manufacturer (in Chugoku region)